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Domestic high-end wine, Jun Qi 君旗 cost-effective?

TIME:2022-11-10 19:33:01

Domestic wine in foreign countries, in fact, is no worse than the wine of other countries. It's just that there are more wine clubs and baijiu in China. Wine is still a long way off,

The influence of the blending time of domestic wine in the early years is still there. It even used to be the consensus of the industry, which seriously overdrafts people's impression of domestic wine. As a result, imported wine has always dominated the market, and in the long run, the profit margin will also be affected and a vicious circle will be formed.


But in recent years, in terms of the taste quality of domestic wine is no less than foreign famous wine, in addition to a few famous wineries, there is a special rise of a new force, that is Junqi mountain wine.

Your Qi

Junqi Wine industry to alpine wine production, management, brewing, tourism as one of the comprehensive enterprises, the company mainly produces to Gaoshan grape flavor raw materials dry red, sweet red and brandy series products. Among them, the 1863 series of Centennial Alpine wines are deeply loved and recognized by customers.


Recommend a more cost-effective Qi, 1863 blue label, 1863 blue label selection of 70 years of rare old vine grape brewing. In addition, the content of resveratrol and proanthocyanidins in high-mountain grape is 43 times that of ordinary grape, and 6-10 times that of ordinary grape. Meanwhile, high-mountain grape is rich in squalene and selenium, which have antioxidant, anti-aging and beautification effects.


The wine is ruby red in color, with currant/blackberry/strawberry notes running through the nose and hints of toast, vanilla and toffee. Mature tannins have a high quality, like a piece of thick velvet, gently wrapped on the tip of the tongue. The wine body is round and full, smooth as silk, let a person can not help but taste

No matter how you choose, do not try to buy unbranded wine imported from domestic bottling, which is to reduce costs by all means.

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