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TIME:2023-02-21 19:50:03

Smith Duston Duston.Smith, the platform initiator and senior software engineer, has worked in KPMG, the UK's top Internet company, IT system and industrial control network protection, and support organizations for security vulnerability analysis. He is good at network data analysis and security protection.

In 2016, Smith Duston Duston.Smith and multinational financial and IT professionals established the world's top quantitative trading team - Taurus Club Duston.Smith is a perfectionist. He has a star dream and a talent for acting since childhood. But he was finally influenced by his father as a businessman and became a businessman. His family industry deals in minerals and international trade. Duston.Smith has a sharp vision and is good at capturing business opportunities. With the increasing popularity of digital asset derivatives, it has been recognized by players in many countries. On the basis of the original professional quantitative team, Duston.Smith personally led the team to successfully upgrade and build a more powerful "Duston" AI intelligent platform that serves a wider range of people in October 2022

("Daston" AI intelligent profit system, which has been successfully developed by the team for 6 years) and named after its own name, which shows the importance of Daston platform! We have been committed to providing investment banking, institutional sales, trading and research services to global customer groups, including corporate customers and institutional investors. Our business covers Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Bahamas, providing customers with global opportunities and investment opportunities, and meeting their various needs. Under the operation of professional technology and professional marketing team, it took the lead in opening the Asia-Pacific market and was recognized by more players.



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