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TIME:2023-03-07 10:05:15

On February 27, the event entitled “Ambassadors Face to Face with China Communications Construction Company”, jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), was held in Beijing. A total of 111 diplomatic envoys from 110 embassies and representative offices of international organizations in China were present and gained their first-hand experience with the “hard power” of China in the field of transportation infrastructure construction and the latest development of digital lighting technology, opening a new chapter in science and technology diplomacy.

At the main venue of the event, Wang Tongzhou, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. (“CCCC”), said that the vision of CCCC is to “make the world more smooth, make the city more livable, and make the life more colorful”. The company is committed to making greater contributions to the “dual circulation” and the “Belt and Road Initiative(BRI)” with advanced concepts, business models, technologies, products and services, while actively seizing the trend of green, low-carbon and smart development and speeding up innovation in the above areas in an all-round manner.

Photo: Wang Tongzhou, Party Secretary and Chairman of CCCC Delivering a Speech

During the event, the diplomatic envoys in China visited the Light Sci & Tech Museum created by Landsky, a company under CCCC, and experienced the cutting-edge application of lighting technology and the application scenarios of smart-city related technologies in urban renewal. It is worth mentioning that the Urban RenewalPavilion in the Light Sci & Tech Museum is open to the public for the first time. Based on its “big city” business, the pavilion serves as an exhibition platform to showcase the new frontier and new track opened up by CCCC and Landsky Technology Group Co., Ltd., integrating digital, information and smart technologies. Liang Yi, founder and President of Landsky Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Tang Xuewen, Executive President of the company, accompanied the exhibition tour.

Liang Yi, founder and President of Landsky Technology Group Co., Ltd., accompanied the exhibition tour. (The first from the right)

In the era of the Internet of everything, the smart industry is unleashing a global wave and subtly influence people’s lives. In this, the power of science and technology cannot be underestimated. The Lighting Intelligence Pavilion in the Light Sci & Tech Museum applies the world’s leading lighting technology to empower smart city in the future. The Urban Renewal Pavilion visually and vividly presents the whole-chain service of urban renewal solutions through digital light and shadow technology and demonstrates the critical role of urban renewal in urban development and in the improvement of spatial vitality in the current era. It is the pioneering platform for showcasing urban renewal and carrying out exchanges.

Entering the Lighting Intelligence Pavilion, the mechanical wall consisting of 1,738 mechanical blocks looks smart and beautiful when it’s turned on and gets lots of “likes” from visitors. The next moment, when you see the sun and the moon, and the flexible switching between day and night environment amazed everyone. The changing light and shadow transforms the real-time mood and creates a new recreational exploration, and everyone was enchanted with it. The 360-degree circular space is a smart classroom fully underpinned by science and technology. Functions such as real-time recording and broadcasting, AI behavior analysis, non-perceptual attendance and borderless teaching make teaching and learning overwhelmingly engaging.

Photo: Interactive experience in the Lighting Intelligence Pavilion

As the pioneer of sci-tech night tour, Landsky has invested, built and operated a range of trailblazing night-tour products, such as Beijing’s Liangma River Cruises, Wenzhou’s Oujiang Night Tour, Night Painting of Tanghe River, Yuanmingyuan Royal Merchant Street and Wuhan’s Night Tour to Yellow Crane Tower, creating a new modality of night economy, which has become the growth pole of night culture and tourism consumption areas. The brilliant light and shadow, beautiful humanistic stories attract people to slow down and enjoy it.

Photo: Enjoying Landsky’s Smart Culture & Tourism Project

In the Smart Park, the Smart Scenic Spot or the Smart City, which are supported by smart integrated poles, the smart operation management system -- ENER platform is connected with urban spatial information data, urban lighting data and dynamic monitoring data, etc., forming a digital base of urban public space. In this way, people, vehicles, roads and environments can be synergized to boost the lean operation and precise service of smart city.

Presently, smart lighting products have been applied to nearly 20 projects of Landsky, including scenic spots such as Beijing’s Yuanmingyuan Royal Merchant Street, Wenzhou’s Oujiang Night Tour, Gansu’s Colorful Danxia Night, Guizhou’s Night Tour to Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area, and urban roads such as Xiaoyue River and Jushan Road in Beijing, Cangnan Industrial Park and Cangnan Avenue in Zhejiang, Jinggangshan’s “Red Tour” in Jiangxi and Suzhou’s Main Urban Area Greening and Landscape Improvement Project in Jiangsu. These projects are laying the groundwork for building and operating smart cities’ digital bases and contribute to the construction of green city.

Photo: Visiting the Smart Space

Figure: Application cases of Landsky Smart Light Poles

Themed by“urban renewal and multi-empowerment”, the Urban Renewal Pavilion serves CCCC in developing its urban renewal business. With a construction area of 3,800 ㎡. The pavilion is purported to promote the national strategy of urban renewal and serves as a platform for the ministries and central-level committees, such asthe Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, to publicize and promote urban renewal. The pavilion not only focuses on policies, collects and analyzes demonstration cases, but also prioritizes concrete actions to address real problems and challenges, covering all elements of whole-cycle urban renewal. It will be the pioneering platform and bellwether for showcasing urban renewal and carrying out exchanges.

In the Urban Renewal Pavilion, the diplomatic envoys learned aboutthe“total” urban renewal through multiple ways, such as circular interaction, desktop interaction, flying cinema and VR experience. With the systematic engineering supported by total-factor assessment, total-resource planning, all-field planning, whole-cycle planning and all-society participation, a green life community of people, cities and nature will be built through urban renewal actions in the form of digital industrialization, and a livable, resilient and smart city will emerge.



Photo: The diplomatic envoys enjoying the interactive experience in the Urban Renewal Pavilion

Light up the world and a beautiful life with the light of science and technology. During this exhibition tour, the diplomatic envoys wandered through the infinite possibilities of lighting technology, and felt the details of future life in advance, and now they can better “understand” and better “use” light. They all spoke highly of the state-of-the-art lighting technology and its applications!

The year 2023 coincides with the 10thanniversary of the BRI, an initiative that has brought tremendous development opportunities for enterprises at international level. With CCCC’s overseas impact in transportation infrastructure construction, Landsky will continue to create its interconnection with the world.

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