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Does China's food security hold global potential?

TIME:2022-07-11 11:47:26

Despite a late planting season due to last autumn's floods, China has made exhaustive efforts to secure the summer harvest — and those efforts have paid off. How did China make this happen?

China has managed to feed one-fifth of the global population with 9% of the world's arable land. What lies behind this achievement? What role do science and technology play?

China's achievements have reached beyond its borders. Its agricultural technology has even helped fighting tribes in Papua New Guinea sign peace agreements. What was the secret to this success?

Watch our video to find out.

Script: Jiang Wei

Translator: Jiang Wei

Video editor: Cao Zinan

Voiceover: Ian Goodrum

Coordinator: Zhao Ruixue

Supervisors: Shan Juan and Wang Jianfen

Executive producers: Han Lei and Zhang Chunyan

Producer: Wang Hao

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