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Open GODE era pattern towards hackathon sword

TIME:2023-03-21 17:25:01

Hackathons have produced countless cutting-edge talents and creators in the field of programming for the development of human society. As one of Southern California's premier programming events, the Los Angeles Coding Competition attracts thousands of students and developers each year to work together as teams to develop and present their projects.

At the same time, the competition is highly valued by the world's top universities, and several QS research institutes in the United States have established special student federations to assist the programming competition, demonstrating the importance of its composition.

This year, GODE is partnering with the Los Angeles Coding Competition Organizing Committee to invite top hackers to participate in the development of the GODE DApp, which focuses on supply chain applications. This time, GODE participated in the Los Angeles Programming Competition, a robust event to enable GODE's panoramic ecology, with the hope of gaining more ecological consensus through this event.


Jacob, a top developer from Los Angeles, promoted and explained the gode programming event. Offer to invite talented developers to come together and solve real-world problems by leveraging the power of Web3 technology to build decentralized applications. The hackathon focused on solving supply chain management challenges that can be effectively addressed using the unique capabilities of the Gode blockchain.

And how a smart contract-based approach to supply chain management eliminates paperwork, improves transparency and ensures trust-ground efficiency. The front-end will use Web3.js to communicate with the smart contract. Solidity is also used to write the smart contracts that will be compiled, migrated and deployed on the Gode Testnet blockchain network using Truffle.js. It also invites people to look forward to a different hackathon that GODE CHAIN will host in Texas in the coming months.

Discussing the GODE blockchain technology and the content of this competition, we learned that blockchain technology has been proven to bring advantages such as increased transparency, improved traceability, improved efficiency and security, and cost savings to supply chain management. These advantages will be reflected in the application of GODE blockchain technology.


Blockchain can help improve product quality control and reduce the risk of counterfeiting by creating an immutable record of all transactions occurring in a network.

Blockchain technology can also help streamline supply chains by reducing the need for intermediaries and automating the numerous manual processes involved in supply chain management, thereby reducing transaction times and increasing efficiency.


By automating the myriad manual processes involved in supply chain management and reducing the need for intermediaries, blockchain technology can help reduce business costs. As a result, GODE blockchain technology has the potential to transform the supply chain by improving transparency, traceability, efficiency and security, which in turn brings additional value to businesses.


Through the innovative application of GODE blockchain technology to supply chain management, we believe more businesses will benefit while also providing these students and developers interested in participating in the programming competition the opportunity to learn different skills, network with industry professionals and compete for prizes.

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