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Weihai organic cucumbers selling rapidly

TIME:2022-07-11 10:21:09


The cucumber greenhouse in Beifengkou village [Photo/Dazhong News]

The organic cucumbers produced by Beifengkou village in Wendeng district, Weihai have been widely praised since hitting the market.

"There are about 10,666 square meters of cucumber greenhouses in the village. The cucumbers began to come to market on New Year's Day, and we can now offer 1,600 kilograms a day," said Gao Fei, a technician from a local agricultural professional cooperative.

In addition to standard sales to large local supermarkets, 20 percent of cucumbers are being sold through e-commerce channels.

The organic cucumbers will be available until May, according to Gao.

"The cucumbers are organically grown and enjoy great popularity due to their delicious taste. Nearly 60 percent of our bookings come from repeat business and personal recommendations," said a local farmer.

The business has become a new source of economic growth for the village.

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