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Very east China tourism day | in the locals to open early summer happy journey

TIME:2023-05-22 09:50:01

On May 19, the 2023 China Tourism Day themed "A better China, a Happy Journey" was officially launched. During the theme activity of "China Tourism Day" this year, Fuyuan City of Heilongjiang Province led the tourists to experience a sincere and beautiful journey with a wealth of products benefiting the people and featured publicity linking online and offline.

(During "China Tourism Day", Fuyuan held various forms of publicity and display activities)

How to publicize and promote Fuyuan during "China Tourism Day", so as to better attract tourists to Fuyuan? Fuyuan Tourism Bureau of Culture, Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism planned in advance, focused on the keyword of "service", and provided a rich and colorful cultural travel "feast" for the masses and tourists through the form of integrating media.

(Network talent punch Dongji fish Market)

The cultural tourism department of Fuyuan City dug deep into the tourism resources of Fuyuan, introduced the preferential policies of cultural tourism in Fuyuan, and unlocked the new ways of cultural tourism in Fuyuan. On May 18th, a number of network talents gathered in Fuyuan and explored Fuyuan. They shared what they saw, what they thought, what they thought, what they felt, and what they learned at the first time. Through various communication methods such as graphics, video, VLOG, etc., they explored the features of Fuyuan from a professional perspective, and generated excellent contents such as guide, photography, short video and aerial photography. Multi-angle and three-dimensional display of Fuyuan cultural tourism good development momentum.

It is understood that at present, Fuyuan is actively embracing Internet + to reach potential consumers. In the future, it will continue to give full play to the advantages of network communication of new media, widely introduce network talents to participate in city publicity and recommendation, and strive to create positive Internet energy "boom money" with the help of the power of new media, constantly improve the cultural connotation of Fuyuan, and create a new name card of Fuyuan tourism.

Fuyuan is located in the east pole of China, where you can not only enjoy the first ray of Chinese sunshine, enjoy the scenic spot of Heixiazi Island, but also enjoy the fish on the Wusuli River and listen to the folk songs of Hezhe. Fuyuan's main Huimin brand, the well-known scenic spots have launched discount packages.

(Scenic spot of Heixiazi Island)

"I caress far, I speak for my hometown! I am waiting for you in the east pole of the motherland!" Representatives from all walks of life in Fuyuan speak for their hometown, actively recommend their beautiful scenery and delicious food, and send sincere invitations to netizens all over the country.

Online activities are colorful, and offline activities are colorful. During the "China Tourism Day", Fuyuan Municipal Culture, Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau also propagated civilized tourism knowledge to tourists and citizens through radio, banners, leaflets and electronic screens in People's Square, Fish Museum and Heixiazi Island scenic spot. "We should not only guide tourists to experience the beauty of mountains and rivers, provide tourists with accommodation and transportation services, but also guide civilized tourism." Tour guide Zhong Xin said that everyone should strive to be a civilized tourism booster, establish "everyone is the name card of the hometown" consciousness, with a warm and hospitable attitude to greet tourists from all over the world.

Wang Zhi, director of Fuyuan Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, said that Fuyuan will take this event as an opportunity to launch more activities with Fuyuan characteristics, create consumption hot spots, enhance the popularity of tourism, strengthen the integration of tourism resources, carefully create characteristic tourism products, optimize the tourism consumption environment, improve the quality of tourism services, and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of Fuyuan tourism.

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